Chris Trejo - Railyard Birds

Chris Trejo

Abstract Art

September 27, 2014

Chris Trejo is an American artist best known for his abstract paintings produced on different materials, like wood for example, and done in many different techniques.

Trejo’s work is a result of his (artistic) lifelong experimentation with many styles, techniques and even media. This artist is focused on tactile nature of all things. Each common object, of many that perpetually surround us, owns a unique tactile story that we usually ignore while focusing on the visual or audio experience. As he says: We live in texture, always; in sight, sound, color, and feeling.

What he tries is to engage himself as well as the viewer to use tactile sense even more. And he manages to do it by using color and motion or invoking sound.
He is represented by Matthew Rachman Gallery.

Chris Trejo lives and works in Chicago.

Featured image: Chris Trejo - Railyard Birds
Image copyright © the artist