Christian Rosa

Christian Rosa

Abstract Art
Kazimir Malevich (courtesy of
Art History   |   Eli Anapur

Non objective art stands for artworks that are geometric and do not represent specific objects but are instead made from elements such as a square, line or a daub of color.

Os Gemeos - Untitled piece in Sao Paolo - Image via juliadubdotcom
Top Lists   |   Andrey V.

Presenting you with eight individuals who all work in their own particular fields, these are the go-to Brazilian artists that you should be closely following.

“The Radiants”, 2015, Bortolami Gallery , new_york_installation_view

Where is the painting inspiration of contemporary art today? How much of its original and new thought is in fact mimicry and appropriation?

Yoan Capote – Open Mind

Latin American Art is being more popular than ever - take a look at its brief history and how it trends on art market

Jackson Pollock, detail

What is abstract art ? Can you define abstract art ? Find out about a brief history of this art approach, types of abstract art, its origins, and the most significant abstract artists.

David Ostrowski
Collectors' Tip   |   Ricardo Martinez

The emerging art market - why is it slowing down, why did it grow in the first place, and what happens when prices are artificially inflated ?

Wassily Kandinsky - Composition IV , detail,  1911 (courtesy of

Contemporary abstract art has been making a huge comeback. Both old masters and emerging abstract artists are very popular at this moment.

Banksy - Sale Ends, 2006 (lot 89)
Collectors' Tip, Auction Results   |   Bojan Maric

Held on January 28th 2015 and named by the year Bonhams was established, Founded 1793 was an auction which is probably going to be remembered by a big number of Banksy pieces which were sold – what is more – Banksy pieces belonging to one single owner. ...