Christiane Filliatreau - portrait

Christiane Filliatreau

May 17, 2013

By conducting a real melee, physical, and carnal dialogue with the clay, Christiane Filliatreau creates intricate and memorable ceramic sculptures. She works through long successive sequences during which the recurring pattern is identified, coming back insistent only to be declined in multiple variations. But from the moment Filliatreau has begun to confront the subject, she will not stop working, until exhaustion of the subject, the theme - and the artist herself!

Maternal, emotional, primary, lost, forgotten memory.
Ancient memory, abandoned, eroded, worn out.
Traces of time, deep/surface, in/out, secret wounds.
Translate this with the plasticity of the earth - raw stoneware and porcelain -
Only the intrinsic quality of the material and the treatment of the surfaces are taken into account: the interplay of smooth or rough materials, lines, incrustations and superimpositions.
Just a little black, a little red, like a common thread.
A representation in the form of "words - objects" (cheeses, lace corollas), or "words - life" (nourishing boxes).

Featured image: Christiane Filliatreau - portrait. Photo courtesy Galerie 22 Contemporain