Clara Fialho's working space

Clara Fialho

Abstract Art

September 15, 2015

Clara Fialho is a Brazilian-American artist known for her use of bold, bright colors that instinctively attract the eye to her work.

Fialho was born in Brazil and she received her BFA from the Cooper Union on a full scholarship. Clara held her first solo show in Chelsea when she was 22. Since that show, she has been exhibiting her work worldwide.

Clara’s art featured in many publications, including the cover of New York Spaces Magazine. In 2014, Fialho exhibited at Art Miami and Art Silicon Valley San Francisco. Next year, in 2015, she participated at famous Scope New York.

Clara’s dreamy abstract paintings embrace a sort of pre-postmodern sense of optimism, while expressing a very sophisticated sense of prettiness and beauty. It is as if she bespeaks that we are all one: we are one with the earth, the planets, humankind, the animals, insects and the stars… And Clara is sending that message with her loose shapes and spirals as well as fascinating patterns and details, almost like a childlike naiveté and primitivism.

She is using pencil, watercolors and oil to emphasize these organic shapes that connect the viewer with her abstract vision of nature.

The artist is represented by AZART Gallery.

Clara Fialho lives and works in New York.

Featured image: Clara Fialho's working space
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