Cristina Ghetti - Folding Red, 2018 (detail)

Cristina Ghetti

Abstract Art

July 2, 2020

Argentinian-born and Spain-based, Cristina Ghetti is a contemporary abstract painter who explores the intersection of perception and reality by using the visual languages of Op Art, Geometric Abstraction, and Kinetic Art. Quite interested in cross-disciplinary methods and tools, her works are born on the computer screen, where she uses various digital tools, creating images that trick the mind into perceiving things like movement and depth on a two-dimensional, static plane. The next stage is translating the digitally created image onto canvas using acrylic paint. Ghetti earned her Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnic University in Valencia, Spain. Her profound interest and research into the development of new geometries in visual arts have culminated in her doctoral thesis “Post Medial Geometry.” She lives and works in Valencia.

Featured image: Cristina Ghetti - Folding Red, 2018 (detail). Acrylic on canvas. 47.2 x 47.2 in. 120 x 120 cm. This work is unique. Photo courtesy IdeelArt