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Danielle Prijikorski / Danielle Prijikorski

December 22, 2013

When asked about her inspiration Danielle Prijikorski usually replies that she prints because she is scared. Her complex collages represent a unique need to assemble things and keep them together if not in real life than at last in the controlled environment of her studio. From scraps and fragments of materials composed together, the artist creates a unique harmony and establishes order in the surrounding world. In the time when culture and even fine art as its part, get continuously swamped by superficial artworks that fail to step inside the tender world of human emotions, Danielle Prijikorski invites people to reconnect with the world around them that's full of equally fragile beings equipped with their own thought, fears, and tears.

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Danielle Prijikorski - Untitled (left) / Untitled (right)[/caption]

Danielle Prijikorski's Archaeological Approach to Collage

Danielle Prijikorski is a French painter and artist known for her exceptional combinations of peculiar materials. She employs any material on her hands as long as it corresponds the feeling she wants to portray. In her artworks, you'll see fire made of wood, glue and pigment but also collages made from gravel, feather and sand. While collecting the components for her pieces the artist takes on an archaeological approach and gathered numerous objects and materials that the earth has revised and digested. Elements as diverse as pottery and vegetable fragments intersect with fabric, paper and old palettes thus creating the harmony and evoking the sense of unity.

The artist employs any material on her hands as long as it corresponds the feeling she wants to portray

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Danielle Prijikorski - Serie 826M[/caption]

The Interplay of Light and Shadow

Though at first glance, her artworks appear peaceful and calm, Danielle Prijikorski collages are infused with a unique type of energy that surprises and at times overwhelms the viewers with a diffuse sensation. The light escapes from the linear borders demolishing shadows on its way, thus leaving the viewers face to face with a variety of intricate forms and colors that appear simultaneously familiar and uniquely strange. This elaborate personal symphony combines the rhythms and the motifs from the surrounding space and the artist's own subconsciousness.

Danielle Prijikorski invites people to reconnect with the world around them

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Danielle Prijikorski - Serie 836M (left) / Untitled (right)

Versatility in the Works by Danielle Prijikorski

Danielle Prijikorski's versatile artworks span to include works on canvas and paper as well as sculpted objects while continuously inviting the viewers to explore their relationship with numerous items and materials around them. Danielle Prijikorski exhibited her works at numerous art venues including The Gallery, Seattle, who hosted her very first exhibition in 1969, then Galerie de l’Aire du Verseau in Paris, Galerie 22 in Vaucluse and Clarion contemporary art gallery in Londres. In 2014 the artist staged a comprehensive solo show inside the beautiful 12th century, Château de la Bastide d’Orniols in France.

Danielle Prijikorski is represented by Galerie 22.

The artist lives and works in Avignon and Uzes in France.

Featured image Danielle Prijikorski - portrait
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