Danino Bozic - Artist portrait, Image via antolloverasblogspotcom

Danino Bozic

July 15, 2013

Danino Bozic is a Croatian artist. As a very young author – driven more by instinct than by erudition – he accepted the challenges of the 1980s, attracted by their unknowns and even more by his resistance towards conventions of the then dominant art. However, soon enough he became aware that even this “new art” (trans-avantgarde and post-informel) is nothing but another specific language risking no less than the rest – a risk no art form is spared of – to end up a prisoner of its own conventions, parameters of expression and self-imposed restrictions. So he chose to keep out of dominant international trends and embark on perhaps less attractive, but, for a reflexive individual, more important missions. and challenges.

Featured image: Danino Bozic - Artist portrait, Image via antolloveras.blogspot.com