David Phelps - Pastoral Dreamer, 2015

David Phelps

Figurative Art

November 6, 2020

David Phelps is an American contemporary artist whose figurative sculptures, ranging up to three times life-size, appear to emerge from the ground. Serenely contemplative, his pieces are imbued with a dry, subtle sense of humor, and their imagery is rooted in his early years growing up on the family farm on Roberts Island in the California Delta. These experiences are deeply ingrained in his subconscious – memories such as fear and hope experienced living through times of flood and drought or his visceral reaction to the cracks in the ditches that naturally resulted from the interaction of dirt, water, and sun. The general theme employed in David Phelps’ works “is a sense of perseverance, optimism, and humor being embraced in the face of adversity.”

Featured image: David Phelps - Pastoral Dreamer, 2015. Bronze sculpture. 17 × 59 × 31 in. 43.2 × 149.9 × 78.7 cm. Edition of 24. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary