David Pirrie - Mt Alberta, South Face, 2020 (detail)

David Pirrie

Figurative Art

January 18, 2021

David Pirrie is a Canadian contemporary artist whose paintings revolve around one dominant subject – mountains. This interest dates back to his childhood when he and his brother would scramble around the coastal mountains of Vancouver’s North Shore. The paintings forge a relationship between the images Pirrie creates in his studio and his personal experiences of being in the mountains. He removes the individual mountain from the surrounding range, decontextualizing the subject and making it symbolic. By recording their rugged features in detail, as if they individually possess unique personalities, the artist treats the mountains as celebrities. Pirrie is known for using bright monochromatic colors, dot overlays, and contour lines.

Featured image: David Pirrie - Mt Alberta, South Face, 2020 (detail). Oil on Canvas. 48 × 60 × 2 in. 121.9 × 152.4 × 5.1 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary