Dean West - Eagle Rock Office, Los Angeles, 2019 (detail)

Dean West

Figuration narrative

October 16, 2020

Dean West is an Australian artist whose stylized, meticulously composed, and color-saturated digital photographs reflect on the medium’s theoretical foundations. These narratives draw inspiration from various fields of visual arts, resulting in intricate photographs (with carefully constructed environments and compositions) that take everyday occurrences beyond the realm of natural reality. West studied at the Queensland College of Art. The international brands and art curators quickly recognized his skills that he applies to both his digital photography technique and the complex, cerebral narratives offered in his images. He lives and works in New York.

Featured image: Dean West - Eagle Rock Office, Los Angeles, 2019 (detail). Type C Photographic Print. 48 × 60 in. 121.9 × 152.4 cm. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art