deih self

Deih / Unknown

Urban Art, Illustration

March 18, 2014

Spanish street artist Deih is from Valencia. He is 35 years old and has been painting in the streets for the past 21 years. Dehi works as an illustrator, 2d animator and muralist. He also does comics and some video work. But what loves most is to paint in the street.

Deih is part of two crews: xlf and rhb.

He produces impressive murals with sharp, illustrations. He completed his latest mural in Valencia, Spain, for the Poliniza Street Art Festival. The artist likes to explore a universe of strangeness where rarity is appreciated. He is “fascinated by the strangeness of life,” which is conveyed in his curious figures.

Deih’s sources of inspiration come from all media, the music he listens to, the books and comics he read, the artists that he follow. There are many things to list, too many.

He loves Japanese imagery, their symbols, their stories full of accidents and catastrophe. Also, the dark and unknown side of our existence, any kind of science fiction, the cyberpunk, the steam punk. Deih read books about quantic mechanics, philosophy, thrillers… also.

Deih feels that he is lucky to be sharing his life with a girl. She is a psychoanalyst and has very interesting conversations. After all, thinking about life, learning from classical artists and analyzing the modern times, all this makes Deih do what he do.