Derek Morris - Three Yellow Eclipses, 2021

Derek Morris


January 25, 2021

Derek Morris is a British sculptor who places his work within the European Modernist tradition of Constructed Art, although he has been inspired over the last two decades by American Minimalism and Phenomenal art from California. Using stainless steel, plywood, perspex, paint, mirror, gold and silver leaf, mesh, and LED lights, he creates relief sculptures. In the mid-1990s, the artist was making free-standing sculptures exclusively in ceramic, but since 1997 he has changed both his subject and materials. Born in Birmingham, Derek Morris studied at Newcastle University and Chelsea School of Art. He then taught at various schools and was appointed to a full-time post at Norwich School of Art, where he was instrumental in achieving a degree-level status for the sculpture school. The artist retired from teaching in 1990 to concentrate full-time on his studio practice.

Featured image: Derek Morris - Three Yellow Eclipses, 2021. Stainless steel epoxy, perspex, colored vinyl, LED lights. 20 7/25 × 35 6/25 × 7 12/25 in. 51.5 × 89.5 × 19 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary