Don Frost – Now (detail)

Don Frost

Abstract Art

October 20, 2020

Don Frost is a Canadian contemporary artist, widely known and recognized for his unique, innovative, and original sculptures. Having won the first prize in a city-wide art exposition at age six and participated in a group showing at the Peterborough Public Library the following year, it would seem that destiny itself chose the career of an artist for him. Even after 50 years of creating, Frost is still searching for the ultimate shape, with the concept of making completely unique, dramatic, and visually exciting sculptures being his constant challenge.

Featured image: Don Frost – Now (detail). Fiberglass / Carbon Fibre impregnated with catalysed polyester resin Powder filled acrylic lacquer on filled polyester resin base. 22 × 36 × 22 in. 55.9 × 91.4 × 55.9 cm. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art