Donald Judd - portrait, photo credits James Dearing-Donald Judd Foundation Archive, Licensed by VAGA, NY

Donald Judd / Donald Clarence Judd

Minimal Art
Exhibition Announcements   |   Balasz Takac

Although closed due to Covid-19 pandemic, Museum of Modern Art in New York is currently hosting an online retrospective of the leading Minimalist, Donald Judd.

Marfa Prada
Top Lists, Art Destinations in Focus   |   Elena Martinique

Be sure to put Marfa, Texas on your art map, a town perched on the high plains of the Chihuahua desert which was first discovered by Donald Judd.

Exhibition Announcements, Exhibition Reviews   |   Daniel Brezina

The Primary Structures show in Frankfurt - Do big names and references to famous blockbuster exhibitions help or ruin the aims of today's curators?

Andy Warhol - Brillo Boxes at Stable Gallery, 1964. Image via
Art History   |   Silka P

1960s art saw the rise of some of the most significant movements in art history. Explore all the different ways 60s art changed the face of creativity forever.

Objects and Logotypes, Installation View, 1980
Art History, Design, Architecture   |   Widewalls Editorial

Learn about Minimalism art as one of the most influential and significant movements of the 20th century and the famous Minimalist artists.

Frank Gerritz - Two Center Connection I, 2013
Exhibition Announcements   |   Amy Lin

Paper, MDF and aluminium artworks that explore the boundaries of space will be on display at two Frank Gerritz's exhibitions in London and Edinburgh.

Lee Ufan - From Line No. 800117, 1980
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

As a part of the revival of general interest in Dansaekhwa movement, Blum and Poe brings the comprehensive exhibition inspiring broader critical discussion.

Simone Forti - Slant Board, 1961 - Courtesy of Moderna Museet
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Engaging works of various minimalist artists and choreographers who emerged in the 60s and 70s are on display at the Moderna Muset exhibition.