Donald Laborie - Le Flûtiste, 2019 (detail)

Donald Laborie

Abstract Art

November 5, 2020

Coming from a family of art lovers and art collectors, Donald Laborie is a French contemporary sculptor born in Paris in 1963. From an early age, he was introduced to the fundamentals of modern sculpture. He works in terra-cotta, bronze, and steel. Laborie has participated in collective exhibitions in New York, Paris, and Moscow. His work is semi-figurative, oscillating between post-cubism and abstraction. After spending two years in New York, he returned to Paris in 1996, where he continued his research on sculpture, turning towards a more simplified form with a purified approach.

Featured image: Donald Laborie - Le Flûtiste, 2019 (detail). Bronze. 19 7/10 × 9 1/10 × 7 9/10 in. 50 × 23 × 20 cm. Edition of 5. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Galerie Art Jingle