Dores Sacquegna - portrait

Dores Sacquegna

January 20, 2021

Born in Lecce, Dores Sacquegna is a contemporary Italian curator and multimedia artist, working in several fields, including printmaking, photography, installations, design, and artist's books. Her work challenges reality and enters the magic of an imaginative elsewhere, where vision and narration become part of an indivisible process. The recurring themes of her art are the poetic, coexisting opposites, objects of collective memory, the real and the unreal, and the 360-degree visual space. Sacquegna earned a Doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce and has studied printmaking in Rome, Luxembourg, and Prague. Besides creating art, she is also a renowned curator who has curated numerous exhibitions, festivals, events, and seminars, both in Italy and abroad.

Featured image: Dores Sacquegna - portrait. Photo courtesy Primo Piano LivinGallery