Doug Stapleton

Doug Stapleton / Douglas Stapleton

September 22, 2015

Doug Stapleton is an American artist, curator and educator, best known for his collage artworks. He cuts images, mostly from art books, and later he combines those with contemporary imagery, setting up different narratives.

In 1989, Stapleton received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA in Anthropology from University of Delaware (with a minor concentration in Art History and Ceramics). Currently, he is an Assistant Curator of Art with the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery and an adjunct faculty in the Interdisciplinary Arts graduate program at Columbia College Chicago.

Stapleton is a former Artistic Associate with the Chicago based contemporary dance company The Seldoms where he worked as a dramaturge as well as a performer.

Stapleton has a formalist eye he uses to create very suggestive narratives with his collages. His works are loaded with both symbolic elements of contrast and unifying chaos. These figurative collages visually respond to a drama of classic and western art history, sometimes creating surreal juxtapositions of past and present moments.

Doug reconfigures images he found striking into new stories that only refer to the source, but creating fresh and original message. His background in anthropology and art history helps him construct these collages.

He is represented by Matthew Rachman Gallery.

Doug Stapleton lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

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