doze green at jonathan levine

Doze Green / Unknown

Urban Art
Fun Gallery, from Jacek Tylicki's Make war in art not in reality, 1982
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A white girl from Ohio, Patti Astor took over the East Village, where she opened the seminal FUN Gallery and changed the art world forever.

Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe, Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles, 1962 (Marilyn Laughing in Pearls)
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In order to celebrate the 4th of July, we bring together works by famous American artists from our marketplace that you can own right now!

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Directly from our ever-expanding marketplace, we bring you a selection of neon works of art that can enlighten your wall right now.

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The newly released video reveals how Doze Green's immersive installation project for the third edition of Unexpected Project curated by Justkids came to life.

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In an exclusive Widewalls interview, JustKids talk about The Unexpected, a project that gathered internationally acclaimed artists into Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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Ahead of the first urban art fair in Spain, we present you the very best booths to see at the 2017 Urvanity in Madrid!

Doze Green - Squat Theatre Archon, 2016 (detail)
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The American artist Doze Green will present new works exploring the connected themes of the concepts of space, time and immortality.

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