Dylan Don - Jack, 2021 (detail)

Dylan Don

February 8, 2021

Dylan Don is a German portrait and fashion photographer widely known and recognized for his energetic, vibrant, and luxurious images. Born in Bavaria, he is mesmerized by Los Angeles’ retro Americana touches, vertigo-inducing infinity pools, plush hotel interiors, and vivid backdrops. Though best known for his vibrant works, Don sometimes changes the color palette, choosing black-and-white and creating images that exude minimalism. His portraits of understated opulence made in Europe also show more elegance and restrainment.

Featured image: Dylan Don - Jack, 2021 (detail). Limited Print on Hahnemuehle Fine art Paper. 39 2/5 × 29 1/2 in. 100 × 75 cm. Edition of 10. This work is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy 2B Art and Toys