Efe Kurt / Efe Korkut Kurt

March 30, 2021

Efe Kurt is a contemporary Turkish artist, curator, and critic. He studied at Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (undergrad degree), Yıldız Technical University Institute of Science and Technology (graduate degree), and is currently working on his doctoral dissertation titled "Aesthetic Paradigm on the Interface of Contemporary Art and Architecture" at the Doctoral Program of Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University. Since 2009, Kurt has been the curator of many exhibitions at Alan Istanbul Contemporary Art Gallery (which the artist founded). Since 2013, he has been the editor of WARHOLA Contemporary Art Magazine. A founder of ALAN Project Art Solutions & Consultancy Company, he has worked as an art consultant and art designer in numerous architectural projects. Kurt also leads The Clique, an artist team based in New York. These innovative artists produce works that focus on the visual, aiming to reveal tactility, spatiality, and sensation.