Erich Heckel - Windmill, 1909 - Image via bpcom

Erich Heckel

Expressionism, Painting, Printmaking
Blick in die Ausstellung DIE BRÜCKE, Museum Frieder Burda 1
Exhibition Announcements, Art History   |   Elena Martinique

The current exhibition at Museum Frieder Burda is one of the most extensive exhibitions dedicated to Die Brucke group in the last ten years.

Caspar David Friedrich - Untitled Landscape - Image via pinterestcom
Art History   |   Andrey V.

We present you with an overlook of German art history, analyzing the last couple of centuries of this nation's great artistic expression to detail.
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Explore the world of 1920s art and find out how art in the 1920s influenced the birth of modernism and contemporary art.