Etienne Viard - Torsion (petit)

Etienne Viard

Minimal Art

November 27, 2020

Etienne Viard is a French contemporary sculptor whose work is rooted in minimalism and reduced aesthetically to one simple element – the line. His line is fragmented, pulled long, rounded, laid down flat or stood up straight, delicately fighting gravity in a fragile equilibrium. The artist, inspired by the undulating forms of plants and minerals, renders this organic movement in his sculptures, creating a perpetual and precarious energetic tension. Often called a “Steel Sculptor”, Viard uses Corten steel, highlighting the symbiosis that occurs between the artwork and its environment through the superficial rust. He places the raw material in a way that aims at the principle of conservation of mass, something which generally applies to three-dimensional art. Whether displayed outdoors or indoors, Viard’s works present a range of contradictory gestures, such as protruding shapes or chinks, which are monumental signs redefining the space around them and creating a dialogue between the sculpture and its environment. This dialogue is enriched through the introduction of the zenithal light in situ, consequently reinterpreting the variations of a répertoire today considered as classic. Etienne Viard lives and works in Paris and the Vaucluse (South of France).

Featured image: Etienne Viard - Torsion (petit). Steel with black patina. 51 x 55 x 46 cm. 20 1/8 x 21 5/8 x 18 1/8 in. Photo courtesy Echo Fine Arts