Firat Neziroglu

Figurative Art

March 30, 2021

Firat Neziroglu is a contemporary Turkish artist widely known and recognized for his weaving, modern dance, and design. He started working by unraveling himself, aiming to identify himself and the world through dancing and weaving. His clothing collections were exhibited in London, Istanbul, Munich, and Paris. Also, his art objects were exhibited in Incheon, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Kitakyushu, Shanghai, Tenjin, Chonburi, New Delhi, Venice, Buenos Aires, Como, Roma, Maniago, Singapore, Marrakech, Dubai, Oslo, Mexico City, Paris, and Abu Dhabi. Neziroglu was invited to Oslo under the auspices of the Norway Royal Embassy and to Thailand for birthday celebrations of the Queen of Thailand to weave a special cloth for her, eventually becoming elected as Thailand's brand ambassador by the Thai Kingdom. On stage, he realizes his dreams with ModernDansLAB, an ensemble of classical ballet-modern dancers. Born in Izmir, Firat Neziroglu lives and works in Istanbul.