Floyd Elzinga - Pine Cone - #20-255, 2020

Floyd Elzinga

Conceptual Art, Figurative Art

November 4, 2020

Floyd Elzinga is a Canadian sculptor whose works depict iconic imagery from the Canadian landscape, the maple leaf, pine branch, and pine cone. Drawn to the distinction between polar opposites and with duality as an underlying theme of his work, he creates conceptual sculptures using metals. Some of his pieces diverge from the traditional three-dimensional sculptural approach and are more “two-dimensionally.” Elzinga’s current work focuses on seeds, more specifically pine cones. The cone is chosen not only for its complicatedly beautiful geometric natural form but more so for the fact that it is a seed. He studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, NS, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Floyd Elzinga lives next to his studio in Beamsville, Ontario.

Featured image: Floyd Elzinga - Pine Cone - #20-255, 2020. Weathering Steel. 48 × 29 × 2 in. 121.9 × 73.7 × 5.1 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary