Francis Tucker - Sonos 9 (detail), 2014

Francis Tucker

Urban Art, Pop Art

September 14, 2015

Francis Tucker is a German artist known for his simple figures - resembling Keith Haring’s work and adorning each piece he produces, ever since 1995.

Tucker was born in Cologne and after completing his studies in 1995, he began producing his Pop Art style work. In his colorful paintings a simple figures are always present, reduced by a black line. The line is a central design feature that gives his paintings the main content. All the figures have the artist's name - Tucker. His optical characteristics are evidently based on Keith Haring oeuvre.

Characteristic of the Tucker’s work is the diversity of colorful expressions in acrylic on different materials. His paintings can be found in the public German collections, as well as in private collections all across Europe and in New York.

Francis Tucker is represented by Ministry of Walls, a street Art Gallery from Cologne, where he lives.

Featured image: Francis Tucker - Sonos 9, 2014 (detail)
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