Francois Morellet - Artist portrait, photo credits

Francois Morellet / François Morellet

Minimal Art, Conceptual Art, Geometric abstraction, Concrete Art
Herman de Vries, V71-122, 1971 (detail)
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Featuring work by ten minimalist and post-minimalist artists, the latest pop-up exhibition by ArtCircle explores the essence of materials and forms.

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ART.FAIR Cologne 2016 has proven itself as the perfect collecting ground in Western Germany, announcing the move to Dusseldorf next year.

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We talked to Eva Fabbris, a curator and coordinator of the Back to the Future section of Artissima about the section and the work behind it.

Arthur Dorval - Sans Titre
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Sophia Wallace - CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws, 2012. Image via sophiawallace
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Max Bill - Endless Ribbon from a Ring I, 1960
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Concrete art developed in 1930 directly from De Stijl. With its cerebral, formal qualities, it distanced itself from observed reality and symbolism.

Francois Morellet
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Francois Morellet's death at the age of 90 reminded us all on the great legacy this French artist left during his decades-long artistic career

The Art of Infinity

What’s more intriguing than crossing the boundaries set, and deploy your imagination into randomness of what’s to come? Well, it’s a belief that by doing that, you’ll reach a point where you forget what boundaries are as you enter an infinite space.