Frank Auerbach

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Ordovas is currently hosting an online exhibition focused on the phenomenon of the artist's room as the crucial place for art-making.
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The School of London art movement appeared amidst the minimalist and conceptual artworks to forever reinforce figuration painting and drawing
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Return back to the past when German painters re-shaped the face of art recording the devastation of the war offering in return some of the most revolutionary images
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Who are the most famous British painters of the 20th century? Learn more about these British artists who stand at the forefront of revolutionary movements and ideas.

David Bowie Peter Howson
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Read about David Bowie's extraordinary relationship with contemporary art which influenced his remarkable art collection, built over 25 years.

Francesco Clemente - Untitled Self Portrait, 1993 cover
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The Neo-expressionism art movement took Germany, Italy, the US by storm. Here we take a look at 10 artworks from the late 1980s and early 1990s

Frank Auerbach exhibition at Tate Britain will attract all art lovers, since the show will present one of the most important works by this famous artist.