Frederic Dams

Figurative Art

November 10, 2020

Frederic Dams is a Belgian contemporary artist and professional car designer who’s been working as a designer for Bentley since 2006. Knowing from a young age he wanted to design cars, he aimed his studies in that direction. After studying product design engineering, he went on to do an MA in automotive design at Coventry University. About a year after that, he began working in Bentley, where he has contributed to the majority of cars in this legendary manufacturer's current line-up and was the lead designer for the interior of the brand's best-selling model. Dams realizes that his passion for cars and artwork have pushed him to get where he is today. Although he has used traditional materials to sketch, draw, and paint, the artist still prefers the tools of modern-day car design, such as illustration software and digital tablets. These tools provide a digital, virtual canvas, giving Dams the freedom to work with any substrate or medium he wishes to use. “Not having physical material constraints allows for infinite creative possibilities.”