Gabriele Huesgen - portrait

Gabriele Huesgen / Gabriele Hüsgen

August 31, 2020

In her informal, process-oriented style of painting and crafting, Gabriele Huesgen (Gabriele Hüsgen) is a German artist who draws from her emotional fundus. “This personal touch defines both color design and direction and is the basis for expressive works with different levels, fractures and zones. Using my own creational process, I aim to melt these elements so that they grow together and build an overall whole.” After her studied in humanities and arts, Huesgen worked as a teacher, also completing further artistic education in painting as a master student. She has been in a long-standing cooperation with the artist group eigenART and initiated as well as participated in various other art projects. Besides her never-ending love for painting, she always had a passion for object art, which lead her to join a master goldsmith and learn his trade. She is based in Essen and is a member of the producer gallery dieserART in Essen’s liveliest neighborhood. Her paintings, sculptures, and jewelry have been exhibited internationally.

Featured image: Gabriele Huesgen - portrait. Photo courtesy Z Contemporary