Georgia O'Keeffe Portrait, 1918 - Photo Credits Alfred Stieglitz

Georgia O'Keeffe / Georgia Totto O'Keeffe

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On display at the Seattle Art Museum is an exhibition focused on the early works made by the key figure of American Modernism, Georgia O'Keeffe.

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, 1969 f
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The art exhibitions of 2020 will be remarkably diverse, and we bring you the most exciting ones from the first six months that should find a place in your cultural calendar.

Ansel Adams - Georgia O’Keeffe
Exhibition Announcements   |   Balasz Takac

Nevada Museum of Art is about to open a traveling exhibition focused on the style and painting of the immaculate American modernist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Frank Eugene- Eugene, Stieglitz, Kühn and Steichen Admiring the Work of Eugene, 1907, platinum print, Yale Collection of American Literature
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Alfred Stieglitz's 291 gallery was seminal in providing legitimacy to photography in the U.S. while providing support for early 20th-century modernism.

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At the celebrated French cultural institution Centre Pompidou-Metz, on display is extraordinary survey on the relationships of leading modern artist couples.

Georgia O'Keeffe - Waterfall No 1 (detail)
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The exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden shows more than 15 Georgia O'Keeffe paintings she produced while visiting Hawaii in 1939.

Pierre et Gilles Pierre Commoy (b. 1950), Gilles Blanchard (b. 1953), Oreste (Staiv Gentis), 2013
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Prepared and published by Phaidon, The Art of the Erotic is a fascinating book that celebrates the connection sexuality and art formed over 2000 years ago.

Sotheby's Auction - Image via newsoftheartworldcom
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As four major auction houses prepare artworks, the stage is set for the November's mega-sale season in New York that promises to shatter all records.