Giulia Ricci - Skin I, 2014 (detail)

Giulia Ricci

November 11, 2013

An Italian-born visual artist and art educator, Giulia Ricci draws intricate, disorienting geometrical images utilising a variety of physical and digital processes. Throughout her practice, she uses a range of materials including ink, pencil, and paint on paper, along with less conventional materials for drawing such as vinyl, wood, and leather. 

Born in Bagnacavallo, Italy in 1976, Ricci currently lives and works in London. She has lived in the UK since 2004. She studied fine art at the Academy of Fine Art of Bologna (1995–1999) followed by part-time studies in history of art at the University of Bologna. She received her MFA in sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, London graduating in 2007. Receiving a PGCE in art and design in 2009 through a part-time scheme for artists at UCL Institute of Education, Ricci balances a freelance career in teaching with her art practice.

Ricci creates finely detailed geometrical abstract work using a variety of hand-made and digital processes, aiming to translate the experience of tactility into a visual image. Drawing always underpins her practice across the various media she employs. Using grids and geometric patterns, she seeks to create a sense of texture. The basic structure of my work consists of grids of isosceles right triangles, arranging, modifying and distorting their configuration using repetition, rotation, mirroring and other compositional methods that are typical of ornaments.

Featured image: Giulia Ricci - Skin I, 2014 (detail). Laser engraving on leather. 17 9/10 × 30 3/10 in. 45.5 × 77 cm. Photo courtesy Bartha Contemporary