Gregory Watin - Original Billy (detail), photo courtesy - Art Actuel

Gregory Watin / Grégory Watin

Urban Art, Arte Povera, Neo-Pop, Painting

May 3, 2015

Gregory Watin is a French contemporary artist known for his very unique urban style. Watin’s paintings offer an almost sculptural quality and question our relationship to the image.

Gregory Watin's style

Influenced by the working class, Watin uses unconventional materials such as things he finds on building sites, woods, cardboard, or plexiglass that become symbols of our civilization in search of a meaning. Artist begins with a photograph and builds upon it. He uses a bright pallet and each painting takes up to half a year to dry. Even if his work is close to Arte Povera or Pop Art, Gregory Watin has found his own style and is an artist that has roots in his own time.

"What remains of us? Once engulfed in this bulimic urbanity? Some painting on a wall, a doodle we made when we were five, music by Michael. Nothing noble or pure, nothing serious either. I have stopped looking for a tormented and distressed way off expression in painting. I prefer finding some lightness, humor and humanity in each lost object. I have created my contemporary poetry from daily material, from the town, the people. This urbanity made of anything is not sad or doomed, if you look at it closely, it's also colored and rhythmic." - Gregory Watin

Street View

Gregory Watin works between 30 and 50 frames simultaneously to escape the reasoned construction of elements and offers his works the opportunity to reach their own identity. His most famous series of works is titled Street view. Watin looks at urban landscapes marked by time and gather all the elements in order to build an atmosphere, a universe around these places.

painting by gregorywatin
Gregory Watin - Frankie Moreno, from the Street View series, photo credits - artist

Gregory Watin left his urban universe and put the masculine body in the focus of his newest Corpus series. Inspired by male selfies, artist shows the fragility of the narcissistic appearance through the prism of plexiglass and bright screen contrasting with the raw materials.

Watin has participated in numerous exhibitions across Europe and the USA for the last 15 years.

Gregory Watin lives and works in Arras, France.