Hassan Hajjaj - Time Out, 2007 (detail)

Hassan Hajjaj

December 10, 2020

Hassan Hajjaj is a contemporary Moroccan artist who works in several fields, including photography, fashion, music, cinema, and design. His work celebrates the popular visual culture of the souk (bazaar), a social space and a symbol of both exchange and interaction. Borrowing from Moroccan culture, the artist uses pictorial stereotypes such as odalisques or brand images with their cult logos, assembling and opposing western and oriental elements. The attention he takes in framing his photos is reminiscent of the degree of finishing touches in the repetition of the motifs of Islamic decorative art. Hassan Hajjaj lives and works between Marrakesh and London.

Featured image: Hassan Hajjaj - Time Out, 2007 (detail). Metallic Lambda on 33mm de dibond. 53 9/10 × 41 3/10 × 3 9/10 in. 137 × 105 × 10 cm. Edition of 7. This is an editioned multiple. Photo courtesy 193 Gallery