Heidi Barnstorf - portrait

Heidi Barnstorf

September 1, 2020

Born in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Heidi Barnstorf is a German contemporary painter whose artistic purpose is to spread inspiration, light, and happiness. She loved creating since she was a child. Mostly self-taught, she acquired her skills through experimenting and working intensively towards living my true passion. Today, she has been a professional artist for more than 25 years, exhibiting her works in both solo and group shows. Barnstorf studied languages in Munich, earning a diploma as a translator and interpreter in English and Spanish. She is a member of the art association Kulturvision.

Nearly all of her works are created in her home studio in Kreuth near Lake Tegernsee, just an hour south of Munich. Inspired by her beautiful surrounding, the books she read, traveling, and a strong affinity for the sea and the ever-changing light, Barnstorf paints almost exclusively using acrylics but is also known for working with mixed media such as sand, watercolors, and pastels. “Art is a part of my soul, my passion and profession and I explore life through art.”

Art is who she is and what she does, and naturally, every painting feels like it is a part of her. Every single day spent in the studio means a new experience. Her artwork appears to be based on a gift, but much more important are the consistent work and dedication. Over the past several years, Barnstorf has been working on a new line of abstract landscapes with a more serene and calm feel to them. “Light is always the strongest element in my work.” Usually starting the painting process with a concept, she allows intuition to take over, capturing the vibes and becoming absorbed in the moment. She also loves the challenge of experimenting with new materials and ideas.

Featured image: Heidi Barnstorf - portrait. Photo courtesy Z Contemporary