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Hendrik Czakainski

PenSo - Demolition, 2017
Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

The upcoming exhibition at Urban Spree will explore the phenomenon of the wall through powerful works of art by 30 contemporary artists.

Urban Spree Urvanity Art 2019 8
Graffiti & Street Art, Art Fairs   |   Widewalls Editorial

See what Berlin's Urban Spree Galerie has in store for the visitors of Urvanity Art 2019 in Madrid!

Hendrik Czakainski - o.T, 2018, detail c
Exhibition Announcements   |   Angie Kordic

Hendrik Czakainski's immersive wall sculptures arrive at Berlin's Urban Spree for what will be their last exhibition of the 2018 season.

Art Fairs, Urban Art Fair 2018   |   Angie Kordic

Urban Art Fair was very successful in terms of sales. Let's take a look at what sold at the second edition of the Parisian fair.

Hendrik Czakainski - 5870 alternate
Exhibition Announcements   |   Maria R

Urban Spree Galerie presents „Urban Investigations – Redux“, the new body of works by Berlin-based visual artist Hendrik Czakainski.

Art Fairs, Berliner Liste 2016   |   Widewalls Editorial

Take a walk through the Berliner Liste 2016 with us through a selection of photographs of all sections of Berlin's largest and oldest art fair!

Urban art section featured
Top Lists, Art Fairs, Berliner Liste 2016   |   Widewalls Editorial

The new Urban Art section at the 2016 Berliner Liste is everything it promises to be, showcasing prominent graffiti and street art galleries and artists.

Urban Spree at Berliner Liste 2016
Art Fairs, Berliner Liste 2016   |   Angie Kordic

Pascal Feucher of Urban Spree talks the remarkable showcase of the works by twelve renowned urban artists showing at the 2016 Berliner Liste. Take a listen