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Henri Matisse / Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse

Painting, Fauvism, Printmaking
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Assuming museums open again in the autumn, Centre Pompidou will present Matisse: Like a Novel this October, a retrospective inspired by Louis Aragon’s authoritative novel.

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Ordovas is currently hosting an online exhibition focused on the phenomenon of the artist's room as the crucial place for art-making.

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If you need some modern art for your wall, we have brought together a selection of amazing Henri Matisse prints, drawn from ArtWise's rich collection. 

Yayoi Kusama - The Little Mermaid book illustration
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When famous artists illustrate our favorite books, we're certainly in for a treat. From Dali to Warhol, here are some of the most notable book designs.

Henri Matisse - La tristesse du roi (detail), 1952
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ArtSnap is an online gallery with a carefully curated selection of wide-ranging works by established contemporary and modern artists.

David Hockney - Rumpelstiltskin (detail), 1962
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If you are looking to add some black and white in your collection, here is a selection of nine works that you can own right now at affordable prices!

Roy Lichtenstein - Guggenheim Museum 1
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Here is a curated selection of silkscreen prints by famous 20th century artists, offered by the New York-based print and poster gallery, Artwise.

Henri Matisse - Nu couche de dos
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The Kunsthaus Zurich is about to release an exciting exhibition focused on the activity of the leading modernist Henri Matisse as a sculptor.