Henri Rousseau - Self Portrait, 1890 - Image via wikipedia

Henri Rousseau / Henri Julien Félix Rousseau

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In collaboration with Ocean Outdoor, the National Gallery in London shares its artworks from behind their temporarily closed doors to the streets of UK.

Edwin Landseer – The Monarch of the Glen, 1851, detail
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When did the first animal paintings occur? Art history is full of paintings of animals everyone needs to know, from ancient representations to the modern images of the wild.

André Robillard - Fusil Usa 252 Rapide
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Outsider Art lovers and collectors have all the reasons to look forward to a sale dedicated to Outsider Art, Folk Art and Neuve Invention at Tajan.

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From abstraction, landscape and animal art, these famous nature paintings displayed the skills and progressive ideas of various artists.

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French painters of the 19th and 20th-century became a hallmark of the painting en generale. Here is a list of the most famous French artists whose work everyone should know.