Hernan Bas - The Dragons Eyes, 2013 (detail)

Hernan Bas

Figurative Art

September 17, 2013

An American artist inspired by literary sources, Hernan Bas paints boys on the threshold of sexual self-discovery. He is known for his overgrown landscapes and intimate figurative portraits of beautiful boyish and hip young men. 

Born in 1978 in Miami, Bas moved upstate to a small town as a young boy, where he explained he had a "spooky childhood" full of "U.F.O. and Bigfoot sightings mixed with ghosts in the woods and a bunch of other bizarre occurrences." Bas attended the art programs from an early age, graduated in 1996 from the New World School of the Arts in Miami and attended Cooper Union for one semester. 

Bas' works combine his interest in the paranormal and his sexuality, as the artist explained he developed a connection between the paranormal and the other-worldly with homosexuality. As he explained, he connects the "insane stuff" people perceive about homosexuality to be similar to how people view the paranormal. With a style that is energetic and gestural, his work nods to Abstract Expressionism yet remains contemporary in feel. His pieces are romantic and often uncompromisingly sexual, with dark narratives or open landscapes. A soft palette is met with the gorgeous contrast of unpredicted dark hues and vibrant colors, while his loose brushwork creates intricate textures.

Featured image: Hernan Bas - The Dragon's Eyes, 2013 (detail). Digital print on 100% cotton paper. 27 3/5 × 19 7/10 in. 70 × 50 cm. Edition of 300. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Perrotin

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