Horfee - image courtesy The Grifters

Horfee / Antwan Horfée

Urban Art, Graffiti
Seth in Canggu Bali via streetartnew
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Eli Anapur

What is Intermural Art and how is it defined? We examine the significance of this new term together within the historical tendency that underpins it.

Source Codes Catania, curated by 999Contemporary

Do not miss the opportunity provided by 999Contemporary to gain insight into the anthology of urban artworks that influenced the contemporary global visual culture.

Brixton painting Satone and Roid

Mixing up the old with the new, here are the last month's Top 10 list of Most Viewed Videos on Widewalls!


Upcoming exhibitions next week are: Augustine Kofie at Openspace in Paris; Julia Benz at Die Kunstagentin in Cologne; Bask and Tes One at 1AM Gallery; Horfee will be exhibiting at Ruttkowski;68; and in London Hang-Up will hang up it’s Christmas collection...

Horfee, Mellow Metal, 2014, acrylic_and_gouache_on_paper_70x120cm

Parisian artist Horfee enjoys creating disaster wherever he goes, soon to creatively wreck Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Cologne with his upcoming solo exhibition.

G-Star x Horfee

Collaborations between clothing brands and graffiti/street artists are not unusual anymore.


Within the boundaries of the fine art / urban art dualism, Horfee’s studio work doesn’t act as a replacement for painting in public space, but as another side of one form of expression...

Palais de Tokyo - Lasco Project #3
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Asja Nastasijevic

The third installment of the Lasco Project, and perhaps the best so far, took place on walls in the museum’s basement featuring works of Futura, Mode2, Vhils