Hyacinthe Ouattara - Empreinte 2, 2020 (detail)

Hyacinthe Ouattara

Abstract Art

December 10, 2020

Born in Burkina Faso, Hyacinthe Ouattara is a contemporary artist best known for his paintings, drawings, installations, and sculptures. Mostly self-taught, he attended several workshops, practicing a live model drawing, after which he first imagined the human body in a dreamlike and ghostly way. The visual impact of paintings relies on the material, texture, and colors. Ouattara’s drawings, on the other hand, are spontaneous, gestural, and question the human. His installations often play with suspensions, questioning balance and imbalance. By focusing on textiles, he can focus on the ambivalence between appearance and disappearance, representation and intimacy, identity in the broadest sense. His sculptures in twisted and knotted textiles take up this obsession with the organic and question the notion of links. Hyacinthe Ouattara currently lives and works in France.

Featured image: Hyacinthe Ouattara - Empreinte 2, 2020 (detail). Fabric scraps, knotting, threading and sewing. 19 7/10 × 18 1/10 × 12 3/5 in. 50 × 46 × 32 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy 193 Gallery