Iaroslav Serpan - Artist portrait, photo via serpan-iaroslavpagesperso-orangefr

Iaroslav Serpan / Jaroslav Sossountzov Serpan

Surrealism, Art Informel

June 2, 2013

Iaroslav Serpan was born in Prague in 1922. He was a member of the of the Surrealist group with whom he exhibited at the show Le Surréalisme at the Maeght Gallery in Paris. He left the group in 1951, developing his own pictorial style attached to the Art Informel and Lyrical Abstraction. Later, he experimented with collage, sculpture and wall ceramic. Serpan died in 1976.

Featured image: Iaroslav Serpan - Artist portrait, photo via serpan-iaroslav.pagesperso-orange.fr