Inna Levinson

September 3, 2020

Working in a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, and film, Inna Levinson is a Ukrainian contemporary artist based in Berlin. An essential element in her work is eroticism and work with corporeality, as well as the study of various positions of erotic aesthetics and its social aspects. The storytelling reliefs are among her recent works, created through the use of colorful plasticine clay. These reliefs are often pressed against the glass of the display and framed in windows, highlighting the spectator's role in viewing the piece. Levinson studied at the Vsup (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague), Avu (Academy of Fine Arts), Atelier Group Gelitin, Saloun Studio, also in Prague, before earning her Master of Fine Arts from UdK (Universität der Künste Berlin - Berlin University of the Arts) in 2014.