Ivo Alvarone

Abstract Art

December 9, 2020

Ivo Alvarone is an Italian abstract landscape painter, colorist, and poet, creating mostly acrylic and mixed media watercolors and drawings in small format. At first, he studied Art History but gave up after a year feeling too confined, deciding instead to travel extensively through Europe, sketching landscape, painting watercolors. He resumed his studies, this time with a focus on painting. Alvarone’s preferred subject is nature, while his creative process is driven by personal experiences and altered states of consciousness. The artist takes his viewers into his world of nature, using a unique technique that consists of a subtle and slowly deepening mixture of overlapping forms that convey his sensitivity. He works in series by discovering and applying new pictorial techniques and going beyond conventions. A very private individual, Ivo Alvarone lives and works in a small studio, trying to stay away from crowded exhibitions. Instead, he prefers a smaller audience that is willing to follow his works and experiments with true interest.