Jallen - Dyad, 2020 (detail)


Abstract Art, Figurative Art

November 5, 2020

Fascinated with nature and chaos, Jallen is a Canadian contemporary artist widely known and recognized for her paintings. From abstract landscapes to formal stripes, it’s what lays beneath that intrigues her. The chaotic layers radiate beauty, inviting the viewers to explore and interpret the visual language of form, color, and line. In her latest series, Jallen continues to use the process of addition and subtraction of paint to create her artwork. She has also introduced wild scratches carved into the panel, resulting in paintings that feel both natural and abstracted. Jallen lives and works in British Columbia, Canada.

Featured image: Jallen - Dyad, 2020 (detail). Mixed Media Resin on panel. 24 × 24 × 2 in. 61 × 61 × 5.1 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary