James Lewin - Shadow Huntress, Borana, Kenya, 2019 (detail)

James Lewin

December 3, 2020

James Lewin is a self-taught British photographer whose goal is to present African Wildlife in an immersive and striking manner, thus inspiring and connecting people with the magnificent yet disappearing wildlife of East Africa. Having discovered his passion for photography in Kenya, he now produces limited edition fine art prints in black and white, using them as a tool to raise vital funds for conservation work in Africa. Lewin is known for working with wide-angle lenses from unique perspectives unknown to any living person, successfully creating detachment from reality while providing the viewers with a feeling as if they were right beside the animals within the frame. This approach results in intimate images with minimal distractions and clean backdrops, allowing the subject to be illuminated and connected with the viewer. Besides donating proportions of his profits to conservation organizations to ensure the protection of the animals he has photographed and spent time with, James Lewin has also held fundraisers and talks on conservation.

Featured image: James Lewin - Shadow Huntress, Borana, Kenya, 2019 (detail). Pigment / Inkjet / Silver Gelatin. This is part of a limited edition set. 18 × 24 3/20 in. 45.7 × 61.3 cm. Edition of 1 / 30 × 40 13/50 in. 76.2 × 102.3 cm. Edition of 1 / 40 × 53 17/25 in. 101.6 × 136.3 cm. Edition of 1. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art