James Turrell - portrait - photo credits Florian Holzherr

James Turrell

Installation, Light art
James Turrell - Acceration Disk
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The Mexican Museo Jumex is about to open a survey of James Turrell's immersive light installations, spanning from the 1960s to today.

The Roden Crater Bowl
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In 1977, the American Light and Space artist James Turrell introduced The Roden Crater, a monumental, yet mysterious site for observing celestial phenomena.

Lee Ufan Museum
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An exceptional resort full of contemporary art installations called the Naoshima art island is located in Japan and it offers a one of a kind experience.

1 Chiharu Shiota - The Key in the Hand, 2015. Image via dreamofitaly.com
Art History   |   Eli Anapur

How can you define space in art? In this feature, we examine examples of space in art and many forms it takes in modern and contemporary art.

Sophia Wallace - CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws, 2012. Image via sophiawallace
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We give you the definition of light art, along with some of the best examples from modern and contemporary production from around the world.

James Turrell - Installation shot

One of the most iconic figures in the ever-changing universe of the contemporary art is currently exhibiting his body of work at the National Gallery of Australia.

Wood block

Even though light is the core of his artistic expression, James Turrell engaged in creating a print series, in the technique of the Japanese Ukiyo-E school. The artist’s first woodcut series was made, realized in collaboration with Pace Prints New York. ...


Geoff McFetridge, the LA-based artist who works across a great variety of media including graphic design, illustration and animation, will be opening a new solo show at V1Gallery in Copenhagen on March 21.