James Walsh - Silver, 2013 (detail)

James Walsh

Abstract Art

July 17, 2013

James Walsh is an American abstract painter who emerged on the New York art scene in the early 1980s and gradually earned critical attention for his reinterpretation of the modernist tradition of Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, and even Art Informel. By exploiting the properties of paint to the full extent, Walsh has developed a unique visual vocabulary that enabled him to conquer new painterly territories. The surface of his canvases is a site of peculiar swirls, swoops, and blobs that build reliefs reminiscent of complex organic structures.

While some compositions feature sculptural treatment of paint, the others, are saturated with richly colored surfaces that seem as they smoothly leak out at the edges of expressive brushstrokes. These fluid paintings are apparently well though by Walsh; however, they leave the impression of spontaneity and accident, as if the paint behaves on its own without the artist’s navigation.

Walsh earned his Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and a Master of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in New York.

Featured image: James Walsh – Silver, 2013 (detail). Acrylic resin on canvas. 27 × 19 in. 68.6 × 48.3 cm. Photo courtesy Berry Campbell Gallery