Jan Astner

Abstract Art, Symbolism

December 9, 2020

Jan Astner is a Polish contemporary artist working in various fields, including painting, drawing, computer graphics, and photography. The basis of his paintings is acrylic paint, chosen because of its elasticity, delicacy, and durability. By combining different materials and techniques with acrylic paints, he gets unexpected visual results since unique colors emphasize the metaphysical nature of the work. Astner's paintings combine reflection on a man concerning the world around him in the age of post-humanism and trans-humanism. He works in series. Through process painting, as well as his personally developed acrylic-based techniques, he chooses the means of expression to present the issues bothering him. The artist studied architecture and fine arts in Poland and the USA. Jan Astner lives and works in Izabelin, Poland and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.