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Janin Walter

Abstract Art

November 12, 2020

Interested in the dynamics of space, both external and internal, Janin Walter is a German multidisciplinary artist known for her abstract paintings. This interest for spaces was developed during her Architecture studies at the Technical University of Berlin. After her graduation in 2004, she spent several years in the Netherlands and Switzerland, where she worked as an urban designer, using artistic methods to visualize spaces and designs. From 2007-2009, Walter also studied Space Strategies at the School of Art Weißensee. During her studies, she worked for established artists such as Jeppe Hein, Jorinde Voigt, and Olafur Eliasson. From 2010-2015, she was an assistant professor at the Department of Fine Arts / Institute of Architecture at TU Berlin.

Her research into architecture informs her collages, which examine the structure of human interactions with the built world. However, Walter’s paintings, abstract and vivid, attempt to reveal internal and intuitive processes related to her relationship with rational space. Meditating before creating, she allows the work to flow from a relaxed and creative mental state, enabled by theta brain waves. Originating in feeling rather than analyses, her works are layered, organic compositions in which vibrant neon hues mix with brut gestures and forms amid atmospheric color fields. Janin Walter lives and works in Berlin.

Featured image: Janin Walter - Spaces of change, 2020 (detail). Mixed media on canvas. 19 7/10 × 23 3/5 in. 50 × 60 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy IdeelArt