Jasper Johns - Photo of the artist - Image via incomefilecom

Jasper Johns

Abstract Expressionism
Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe, Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles, 1962 (Marilyn Laughing in Pearls)
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In order to celebrate the 4th of July, we bring together works by famous American artists from our marketplace that you can own right now!

Jasper Johns - Racing Thoughts
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At the end of 2020, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Whitney Museum of American Art will present a unique retrospective of the iconic artist Jasper Johns.

Jackson Pollock - Convergence (detail)
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Here is a curated selection of abstract prints created by artists who have shaped the movement as we today know it, all brought to you by ArtWise.

Devin Miles - American Boy
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This edition of collectors tip is devoted to the celebration of American independence so we selected ten astonishing artworks suitable for your collection.

David Hockney - Artcurial, Gregory Evans, 1979 f
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If you are looking to start or expand your art collection, be sure to check out these seven limited edition prints and posters by ArtWise, on sale here!

Jasper Johns
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Can you guess the most expensive Jasper Johns artwork? Take a look at our list in celebration of the printmaking master and the biggest fan of the Flag.

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The following edition of collectors tip will feature our selection of extraordinary nine artworks which embodied the spirit of the 1990s.

Jasper Johns - Untitled, 1984
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This November, Jasper Johns' drawings will be the subject matter of the first ever exhibition to take place at the new Menil Drawing Institute in Houston.